Toyota was established in the year 1937 .its devotion being to produce automobiles. Due to its unique features and make It was ranked number worldwide after its sales surpassed those of general motors. It has grown gradually through the years producing different type of vehicles and is well recognized for its quality products. Site

This company is well known for its product line which includes the introduction of electric technology under which hybrid electrics cars, plug-in type of cars and hydrogen fuel cars. The company produces various model of cars giving customers varying options while buying in accordance to their intended use. About seventy models are sold under this brand ranging from vans, hybrids, sedans, trucks, coupes to crossovers. Toyota is also involved in motorsports and also making engines and auto parts for motorsports such as formula 3. Website

Due to the competitive nature of motor industry, The company had to revolutionize its vehicles by better planning and design so as to improve its cars’ turning, braking and ride hence making the cars more efficient and reliable.

What makes Toyotas reliable?

  • Perseverance under harsh conditions. Across the globe you are likely to experience extreme weather conditions ranging from very cold to very hot. Toyota engines are made to run in these harsh conditions as well as ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers when under these diverse conditions.
  • Safety of passengers in case of collisions. Toyota Company has much concern over the safety of its passengers. Hence engages in various collision tests so as to protect passengers by manufacturing safer cars. This leads to more dealers and buyers having a higher preference to their models.
  • All weather roads. Automobiles are driven on a wide range of roads, from well paved to rough roads. Road quality also varies from one region to another, one country to another. Hence, Toyota tries to counter this problem by conducting tests by creating different road conditions prevalent in the world such as flooded roads, icy roads, desert roads, gravel roads, snow-covered roads and inclined roads. This aids in production of cars that can adapt well on all road condition with ample strength and strong tires.
  • Toyota reliability extends to its production of different model of cars. These include heavy or light load cars, they include trucks and pickups and luxury cars. Hence customers are served according to their needs

As a result of the above reliability reasons, it has earned a top stature in its resale value. The fact that its products are made to improve lives and sell at an affordable price also adds to its resale value. So, if u want to buy a car that will serve u well and afterwards sell it to have your money back, Toyota.

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